About us

Our Company

Is a global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Call Center service provider headquartered in Santiago, Dominican Republic. We have been operating since 2004. Establishing our value proposition not as a service provider but rather as a client´s partner. Committed to operational excellence and offering our partners customized solutions designed with their requirements in mind, UNO offers an innovative delivery approach, a strong design, implementation, and management team as well as continuous process improvements utilizing industry benchmarks and advancements. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction, out of the box thinking and open model solutions.

Company´s overview

United Nearshore Operations (UNO) is a global BPO and Call Center provider with our headquarters located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. UNO Corporate Parent, D'Clase Corporation launched the call center operations in 2004.

Although UNO is a fully independent company, our unique roots come from our corporate parent company, The D'Clase Corporation, which was founded in 1986 as an apparel manufacturing organization. They have grown to include 11 companies with 11,000+ employees serving a global market. UNO currently holds 60% of the local contact center market share in Santiago, therefore being the largest and most stable call center service provider in the region.

UNO has experienced a steady growth pattern since it´s immersion. A key attribute to our scalability and steady growth have been our internal succession plans and career development programs, Employee engagement and development is critical to the success of our clients, this strategy has proven successful and driven attrition mitigation.

An attribute that sets our organization apart is the way we conduct business with our clients. When we establish a business relationship with a client it is a partnership and therefore, we do everything in our power to protect our mutual interests. This as well as other factors have allowed UNO to maintain a healthy portfolio of small size, mid-size and Fortune 500 clients. Our impressive 14+ years average tenure client demonstrates our commitment as an operating partner.

Another key element of our success has always been our local talented resources and our cultural affinity to the US and Latin American Markets. Accurate and efficient communications skills with our English and Spanish language speaking customers, providing them the comfort of someone who natively speaks their language and understands their idiomatic expressions. UNO has its own English Language University located within our facilities, these language courses are available free of charge and all materials are provided by UNO. More than 500 students have graduated from the UNO Language University.

UNO is a PCI DSS level 1 v3.2 certified company since June 2011 and audited and validated every year, as well as HIPAA Compliant.


Be the number one supplier in the Dominican Republic of outsourcing services for international markets, creating a positive impact on the social dynamics. To open new opportunities and synergies in the structure of employment and the economic growth of the country. To become a preferred business partner rather than a supplier for our clients, providing added value.


Achieve or exceed in a consistent manner the levels of service agreed with our clients, taking as reference the leading industrial organizations. Provide our employees and associates a safe, free environment. Deliver the economic profit expected from our shareholders and maintain a high degree of confidence with them and with our associates. Create new opportunities of work and development for the population in the surrounding areas, with or without experience, but with customer service skills.


* Integrity
* Active participation
* team work
* Mutual Respect
* Excellent customer service
* Responsibility
* Innovation